Software Development

Custom Software development solutions from Web applications, SaaS applications, ERP Developement, Integrations, Scaling, Customer channels and Mobile application development services

We provide the following software development services

SaaS Development

SaaS engineering services from consulting and infrastructure to development

Mobile Development

Developing mobile apps with the best technologies around the world. 

Web Development

Web application and dashboard development for app ecosystems or products .

Software Development Process

When engaging to a project we analyze and structure and define the work we will be working on aligning the team for the project. Once the deliverables are defined the required resource allocation planning is done so that the project gets full focus from dedicated resources and timelines of delivery & update timelines are set for communication. After the planning phase we move towards development phase where regular communication cations and update email will be set. Testing will be a part of the development process. After the development process is done we move towards UAT, deployment, CR delivery and Support.

Our software development services include

ERP & Process Systems

We do project on customising & developing custom ERP systems, modifying ERP systems like odoo and ERPNext bringing software closer to your process.

Digital Customer Channels

Customer management  & updation apps is a need of time. Whether the it's a mobile app of web application. Developing Customer app for your existing systems.

Industrial  S olutions

Some of the requirements we usually see in the market are industry specific. You will need customisation of existing solution or an open source app.

Knowledge & Productivity

Knowledge & Productivity management systems to integrate exiting application to your ERP systems making customer interactions faster and easier.

AI & Data Projects

AI & Data Analytics projects from Analytics dashboard to Artificially intelligent support systems or tools from notifications to communications.

Retail & E-Commerce

Electronic commerce and digital systems for retail from business management solutions to making your e-commerce presence over web and mobile devices.

Media & Entertainment

Media Distributions & Streaming systems business where you can deliver your content for a LMS system or to a media delivery solution. Audio or video delivery.

Booking & Ticketing

Booking & Ticketing solutions from appointment booking, delivery management or event ticketing to real estate booking system. 

Delivery Solutions

Delivery management & logistics solutions apps to manage your delivery business.

API Development

Backend API development for your project from micro service deployment to monolithic projects.

SaaS Development

SaaS product development for your project idea using Python, NodeJS, PHP & full stack development systems.

NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplace development using ReactJS, Solidity & cloud blockchain providers. With Metamask integration.

Our Sourcing Services

We provide augmentation services based on time and expertise used. We have the following engagement
models given below which you can choose through. 

Fix ed price

In this type of engagement you should have a clear view on the project and should have set timeline and features. You will be billed as per contract.

Time & Material

In this project we manage an internal team of developers for a fixed period of time. This type of engagement will be billed monthly. 

Per-ticket pricing

Resource  support for L1 and L2 Support and Feature updates we will be managing a remote team. You will be billed based on incidents, tickets and features.

Fixed monthly fee

L3 Application support for code defect fixes, functional change. You will be billed based on the time taken on an hourly basis billed at the end of a month.

We Deliver pre-build solutions for the following domains

Media Streaming Applications

Audio and Video delivery solutions app with backend and deployment support. You already have a well developed application and you can make the modifications as per your need.

E-commerce, Booking and Delivery

E-Commerce apps from Shopify integrations, Wordpress integrations and customer backend solutions to take your E-Commerce business online and to app stores.

Stock Photos & Digital deliverables

Stock photos or digital assets delivery and purchase commerce stores where users will be purchasing digital goods and products from the store. These are mainly web only solutions.

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