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About NFT Marketplaces 


NFT marketplace space is currently valued at $350M. Flipping NFTs have made 1000% profit in some cases





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Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform

Launch your own NFT marketplace in a week’s time with CoinFactory whitelabel solution. The whitelabel platform can be fully customized and configured with custom features and functionalities to meet your specific business requirements.

Platform Features  

Seamless UI/UX

The platform is designed with high care given for UI/UX. The marketplace provides a seamless and intuitive dashboard which can enable users to buy/sell NFTs from day 1.

High Performance

The backend of the marketplace is highly optimized for delivering the best experience to the users.


The platform can be accessed from computers, laptops, tablet devices and mobile devices. The platform is optimized for best performance in cross-platform and cross-device use.


The entire UI and branding of the marketplace can be customized to meet your requirements and branding guidelines.


You have the flexibility to configure the marketplace platform, turn ON or OFF the features provided by the platform. Settings for additional security layers etc.


The marketplace can be easily integrated with external marketplaces, additional payment gateways, security integrations etc.

Seamless NFT buying experience

Enable your customers to buy Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) seamlessly. CoinFactory NFT marketplace allows users to buy NFTs without going through confusing steps of wallet creation, metamask linking etc.

Buy/Sell NFTs

Bid for NFTs

Favourite lists

Multiple payment options

Categorised NFTs

Add NFT Reviews

Trending bids and collections  

Cart Management

Auctions participation

Alerts & Notifications

2FA authentication

Follow Sellers

Customer support

User Activity Logs  

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Feature-rich Admin Dashboard  

Seamlessly manage the end-to-end functionalities of your NFT marketplace from the intuitive user-friendly marketplace.

Sub admin management  

Customer management  

Asset management

Trade management

Marketplace Analytics

API integrations

Wallet management  

Email alerts & Notifications   

User management  

Blacklist management  

Payment management

Activity management

Custom Reports

Revenue Analytics

Customer support integrations  

SMS alerts & Notifications

Custom NFT Marketplace Pricing Model   


  • Basic Branding
  • Storefront
  • Create Listings by Admin
  • Minting of NFT
  • Search & Basic Filters 
  • Wallet Integration (Metamask, Fortmatic) 
  • Fiat & Crypto Payments 
  • Admin - Status Listing 
  • Admin - Dashboard & Analytics 
  • Fixed Price Selling 
  • Supports - Ethereum


  • All features in Basic+
  • Bidding & Auctioning (Dutch & English Auction)
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings 
  • Blog 
  • NFT Creation by Registered Users & Admins 
  • Bundle sale/ Bulk transfers 
  • Content Moderation
  • Wallet Integration (MyEtherWallet, Coinbase Wallet, or WalletConnect) 
  • Supports - Ethereum, Binance Chain  


  • All features in Popular
  • Private Listings
  • Gifting & Drops
  • Buyer’s Gallery View  
  • Fractional ownership
  • Revenue share / Royalty earnings for the original owner 
  • Referral/ Affiliate Programs 
  • Ticketing & Support system Integration 
  • Customer service chatbot 
  • Supports - Ethereum, Binance Chain, xDAI, EOS, Cardano  


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